Running Series Intro

Since I recently starting putting on Sunday running workouts at a local track, I thought my blogs should be related to running in the next few upcoming posts.  There are several great running books out there.  The one that I use as a guideline and encourage people to read is "Ready to Run", by Dr. … Continue reading Running Series Intro

When is the best time to workout?

People often ask me what time of day is ideal for training.  This is usually because they are curious as to when they can burn the most calories or get the absolute most out of their fitness.  The answer, to me, is not simple.  It involves physiological and lifestyle aspects combined. recently had a competition … Continue reading When is the best time to workout?

Holiday Fitness Plan

Are you traveling for the holidays?  Are you staying put but don’t have access to your regular fitness classes? Here are some brief things I put together to let you know what I plan on doing as I travel home to my parents house in Wisconsin with the husband.  These are all related to health … Continue reading Holiday Fitness Plan

What is Tabata?

Tabata is a workout style that is categorized under HIIT (high intensity interval training).  In a nutshell, one set of tabata is 4 minutes.  It consists of 20 seconds of work, with 10 seconds rest.  There are 8 rounds of this, to equal 4 minutes total.  The point of tabata is to count your reps/distance … Continue reading What is Tabata?

What’s wrong with rest during a workout?

My short answer: Nothing! I program rest into workouts because they are necessary. I have done all the workouts that I design for other people.  I know when and where rest is necessary and when it's not. Sometimes people attend fitness classes at gyms or other studios and have a hard time adjusting to this concept … Continue reading What’s wrong with rest during a workout?

Mind Over Matter

Mental toughness is what many average gym-goers lack.  You get tired, so you stop. This results in no physical change for that period of time.  Your perceived limitations inhibit you from making progress mentally and physically.  The body can always do more.  It WILL follow the mind.  If you believe you can do more, it will happen. … Continue reading Mind Over Matter