Holiday Fitness Plan

Are you traveling for the holidays?  Are you staying put but don’t have access to your regular fitness classes? Here are some brief things I put together to let you know what I plan on doing as I travel home to my parents house in Wisconsin with the husband.  These are all related to health … Continue reading Holiday Fitness Plan

Pain, Pain, Go Away; Anti-Inflammatory Diet Come My Way!

Did you know you could eliminate many chronic pain issues (including arthritis) with the food you eat? Eating a regular anti-inflammatory diet is the way to better health and off regular OTC's that you may be taking.   Chronic inflammation is at the root of many serious illnesses.  These include heart disease, many cancers, and Alzheimer's disease.  Most people … Continue reading Pain, Pain, Go Away; Anti-Inflammatory Diet Come My Way!

Fuel For the Body

Don't forget that your body needs nourishment to continue functioning properly. Fueling (eating) before a workout is important.  Everyone is different on their food tolerance going into a workout.  Some people can't eat for hours before, while others can stuff themselves and are good to go.  Personally, I hate working out with a full belly. … Continue reading Fuel For the Body

Just Say NO! To Sugar…

Why sugar is killing you: -It’s added to foods without your consent -Its marketing targets children, leading to childhood obesity -It is addictive so it is added to foods/drinks that don’t need it -High sugar diets can lead to insulin resistance.  This condition is one of the hallmarks of obesity and overweight humans everywhere. If … Continue reading Just Say NO! To Sugar…