Pregnancy + CrossFit – Take 2

Happy Monday everyone! In this post, I'll give an update of my pregnancy, talk about some of my CrossFit workouts, and briefly discuss some great resources that I'm grateful to have. 23 Weeks Pregnant In the last couple weeks since posting, I have definitely gotten bigger.  I have about 1 more month in my 2nd … Continue reading Pregnancy + CrossFit – Take 2

Pregnancy + CrossFit

Hi everyone! After a few months away, I am back and ready to write!  I have had a lot going on and needed a bit to settle into a slightly different routine.  First off, I am pregnant:)  At 20 weeks I am halfway done already! In this post, I will give an overview of my … Continue reading Pregnancy + CrossFit

Olympic Lifts Part 3 – Neural Recruitment

Neural adaptations play a significant role in the early stages of fitness training.  This is one of the reasons why you see big improvements/gains in someone just starting out on a fitness program. As your body becomes more accustomed to the demands, progress is harder to achieve and comes in small increments, rather than large jumps. Exercises … Continue reading Olympic Lifts Part 3 – Neural Recruitment

Intro: Why I Love Olympic Lifts (and why you should too)

Part of the extraordinary abilities of an Olympic lifter arises out of his or her having learned how to effectively activate more of his muscle fibers more rapidly than others who aren’t trained to do so.  Many people are intimidated by these movements or believe that they are dangerous so they shouldn't do them.  This … Continue reading Intro: Why I Love Olympic Lifts (and why you should too)