Running Series #10

Today we are discussing a very important topic that too many people pay little or no attention to.  Continuing on in our book, Ready to Run, by Dr. Kelly Starrett, here is out next standard: Standard #8: Warming Up and Cooling Down We all have busy schedules.  We all dedicate a very specific, small amount … Continue reading Running Series #10

Running Series #8

Runners unite!  I know this is a long series, but I promise the knowledge you'll gain from it (if you put it to good use) will be worth many more years of much healthier running and training.  We continue on in our series with another standard for you to pass.  The last post discussed hip … Continue reading Running Series #8

Running Series #7

Happy Friday runners/soon to be runners/those who still loathe running!  We are on standard #5 from Ready to Run. Standard #5: Hip Flexion Many runners do not meet the standard of balanced, powerful hip function.  If you spend a good portion of your day sitting, run often, or train frequently, your tissues can shorten and … Continue reading Running Series #7

Running Series #1

Whether you've been told by a doctor to "stop running", have ran all your life and think your knees are shot, or have just come to the conclusion that you were not a born runner, this running series is for you. According to Dr. Kelly Starrett, mobility guru and author of the book, "Ready to … Continue reading Running Series #1