Pregnancy + CrossFit – Take 2

Happy Monday everyone! In this post, I'll give an update of my pregnancy, talk about some of my CrossFit workouts, and briefly discuss some great resources that I'm grateful to have. 23 Weeks Pregnant In the last couple weeks since posting, I have definitely gotten bigger.  I have about 1 more month in my 2nd … Continue reading Pregnancy + CrossFit – Take 2

Pregnancy + CrossFit

Hi everyone! After a few months away, I am back and ready to write!  I have had a lot going on and needed a bit to settle into a slightly different routine.  First off, I am pregnant:)  At 20 weeks I am halfway done already! In this post, I will give an overview of my … Continue reading Pregnancy + CrossFit

Running Series #11

Today's topic continues to follow mobility guru, Kelly Starrett, in our running series. This one is easy and doesn't involve much thought after you get some of the items recommended. Standard #9: Compression Compression is a relatively easy and effective way to assist your body's circulation and lymphatic systems in restoring worked tissue. How it works: … Continue reading Running Series #11

Running Series #1

Whether you've been told by a doctor to "stop running", have ran all your life and think your knees are shot, or have just come to the conclusion that you were not a born runner, this running series is for you. According to Dr. Kelly Starrett, mobility guru and author of the book, "Ready to … Continue reading Running Series #1

Running Series Intro

Since I recently starting putting on Sunday running workouts at a local track, I thought my blogs should be related to running in the next few upcoming posts.  There are several great running books out there.  The one that I use as a guideline and encourage people to read is "Ready to Run", by Dr. … Continue reading Running Series Intro

Globo Gyms

According to the Urban Dictionary, a Globo Gym is defined as this: "A typical big-box fitness franchise, where people more often than not don't get in shape worth a damn". An example conversation might look like this: "Do you do CrossFit man?" "Naw, I'm stuck at a Globo Gym with the rest of the pansies". It's … Continue reading Globo Gyms

The Importance of Grip Strength

When you weight train, you probably focus mostly on larger muscle groups. That’s because working larger muscle groups burns more calories and boosts your metabolism more.  The larger muscles are also just more obvious and machines cater to them in gyms.  One thing (especially women) may be neglecting is grip strength work.   Grip involves … Continue reading The Importance of Grip Strength

Why you need balance and agility in your workout program

Balance and agility are two very important aspects of fitness that often get neglected as we get older.  When we're younger and involved with sports or games, we tend to develop these skills naturally as we grow up.  There are several definitions, but for now, here is an idea of what these two terms mean. … Continue reading Why you need balance and agility in your workout program

What is Tabata?

Tabata is a workout style that is categorized under HIIT (high intensity interval training).  In a nutshell, one set of tabata is 4 minutes.  It consists of 20 seconds of work, with 10 seconds rest.  There are 8 rounds of this, to equal 4 minutes total.  The point of tabata is to count your reps/distance … Continue reading What is Tabata?

What’s wrong with rest during a workout?

My short answer: Nothing! I program rest into workouts because they are necessary. I have done all the workouts that I design for other people.  I know when and where rest is necessary and when it's not. Sometimes people attend fitness classes at gyms or other studios and have a hard time adjusting to this concept … Continue reading What’s wrong with rest during a workout?