Running Series #15

If you've been following this entire running series, congrats!  You have made it through all of the 12 movement standards.  Again, these are all summarized right out of Kelly Starrett's book Ready to Run which is not just about running.  It helps you perform self maintenance on yourself and take care of your body instead … Continue reading Running Series #15

Running Series #14

We're almost done with this running series!  Today is the last standard that you need to assess and work on for a healthy running/mobile body. Standard #12: Jumping and Landing Running involves many jumps and landings.  It is virtually an endless series of these two components.  This test is two-part.  First, to reach this standard, you need … Continue reading Running Series #14

Running Series #13

Good Monday people! It was great to see my runners giving in it their all in the 400m efforts yesterday!  It was a tough one.  Today we address our second to last standard in our running series.  It's a standard that everybody knows is important, but many people don't take seriously. Standard #11: Hydration Achieving this … Continue reading Running Series #13

Running Series #12

Runners unite!  This is an especially important standard.  We are almost there!  There are 12 standards in total.  Everybody at some point has had an issue with the topic we will discuss today.  Whether it's from a hobby, sport, waking up, standing, etc.  This standard affects us all throughout our lives. Standard #10: No Hotspots … Continue reading Running Series #12

Running Series #11

Today's topic continues to follow mobility guru, Kelly Starrett, in our running series. This one is easy and doesn't involve much thought after you get some of the items recommended. Standard #9: Compression Compression is a relatively easy and effective way to assist your body's circulation and lymphatic systems in restoring worked tissue. How it works: … Continue reading Running Series #11

Running Series #10

Today we are discussing a very important topic that too many people pay little or no attention to.  Continuing on in our book, Ready to Run, by Dr. Kelly Starrett, here is out next standard: Standard #8: Warming Up and Cooling Down We all have busy schedules.  We all dedicate a very specific, small amount … Continue reading Running Series #10

Running Series #9

Greetings athletes.  The 2016 CrossFit Open is under way as of 2/25/16. If you're looking for fun workout videos to watch on YouTube, I suggest watching them!  Each Thursday night for 5 weeks a new workout is announced.  It has to be done to the exact specifications (Rx division and modified division) listed and you … Continue reading Running Series #9

Running Series #8

Runners unite!  I know this is a long series, but I promise the knowledge you'll gain from it (if you put it to good use) will be worth many more years of much healthier running and training.  We continue on in our series with another standard for you to pass.  The last post discussed hip … Continue reading Running Series #8

Running Series #7

Happy Friday runners/soon to be runners/those who still loathe running!  We are on standard #5 from Ready to Run. Standard #5: Hip Flexion Many runners do not meet the standard of balanced, powerful hip function.  If you spend a good portion of your day sitting, run often, or train frequently, your tissues can shorten and … Continue reading Running Series #7

Running Series #6

Good morning fitness enthusiasts!  Today we continue learning about the 12 standards from Dr. Kelly Starrett's book, Ready to Run.  I fully support and agree with these standards as being very important key points to not just running technique/maintenance, but many other aspects of training as well. Standard #4: An Efficient Squatting Technique This deals … Continue reading Running Series #6