Running Series Intro


Since I recently starting putting on Sunday running workouts at a local track, I thought my blogs should be related to running in the next few upcoming posts.  There are several great running books out there.  The one that I use as a guideline and encourage people to read is “Ready to Run”, by Dr. Kelly Starrett.  Kelly is a local trainer here in San Francisco that started up San Francisco CrossFit.  He is the mobility guru of the fitness industry, and I highly respect him.  He is not the only one, but I trust his instruction and ideas on ““, or his channel on YouTube, mobilitywod.  His book Ready to Run addresses problems that all athletes face who do any amount of running.  He offers many useful ideas regarding preventing and dealing with injuries, along with solving injury related problems with solutions based on mechanics, position, and mobility.  In the end freeing up these issues may unlock a stream of new potential in your fitness performance that you never knew you had.

Running is crucial to many sports and hobbies.  Being able to do run without acquiring chronic injuries is vital. Research indicates that approximately 3 out of 4 runners get at least one running-related injury per year.

My runners warming up for last Sunday’s workout.

Out of those people training for a marathon, 90% struggle with some form of ailment in the process.  Kelly states that, “All human beings should be able to perform basic maintenance on themselves”.  This starts with taking your body into your own hands and investing a little bit of time learning about it and figuring it out.  Wouldn’t it be nice to consult with yourself and your own knowledge instead of simply handing over your credit card to a physical therapist, podiatrist, or salesperson at a shoe store insisting you need “this” type of shoe?  This is not to say that you should never consult a Dr. or Physical Therapist.  It should just be after you’ve exhausted your own ideas and trials.

Through the next few blog posts, I will discuss briefly topics of concern related to running.  This will help you to:

  1. Improve your fitness performance
  2. Reduce your risk of injury
  3. Install a newfound sense of control when dealing with aches and pains


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