Holiday Fitness Plan

Are you traveling for the holidays?  Are you staying put but don’t have access to your regular fitness classes?holiday travel

Here are some brief things I put together to let you know what I plan on doing as I travel home to my parents house in Wisconsin with the husband.  These are all related to health and fitness.  

What I’ll do:

  • Body-weight workouts
  • Workouts using items found around the house
  • Swim at the indoor pool
  • Partner workouts using the husband for equipment
  • Run with the dogs at the park
  • Shovel snow
  • Work on mobility/mobilizations
  • Relax/sleep a lot

What I’ll bring:

  • 1 Rogue resistance/multi-purpose band
  • Lacrosse ball for fascia, trigger point work
  • Compression socks for plane
  • My Triathlon watch (Garmin 920XT)
  • Workout Clothes

spotted cow

What I’ll eat:

  • 85% my same healthy, mostly paleo diet so I still feel good
  • My own cooking to teach my parents about different food options
  • I’ll definitely be eating some not so healthy foods here and there and I won’t feel bad about it.  These will/may include: cheese curds, biscuits & gravy, Spotted Cow beer (only made in WI)
  • Still continuing to drink plenty of water (around 3 Liters a day)

What I’ll do for mental health:

  • Spend quality time with the parentals, the husband, and the dogs
  • Visit childhood friends
  • Help parents out with things they may need assistance with
  • Read/research, but not too much work.  I usually end up reading fitness books/articles/videos, but only because I thoroughly enjoy learning new things that I can work in with my own clients and classes

cheese curds

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