Olympic Lifts Part 2 – Kinetic Synchronization

The kinetic chain is simply defined as a “combination of several successively arranged joints constituting a complex motor unit” (Steindler).  To take an even further step back, the word “kinetic” means – “of or relating to the motion of material bodies and the forces and energy associated therewith”.

To match the kinetic coordination of Olympic Lifts, one would have to actually play a particular sport. Consequently, your best bet to enhance sports performance in the gym is to perform Olympic lifts.  The fine tuning of multiple motor units during Olympic Lifting is unmatched by kettlebell swings, rowing, push-ups, squatting, etc.  All of these other exercises serve their purpose.  They just aren’t as good as Olympic Lifts for developing motor skills, force, and neural recruitment.  



One thought on “Olympic Lifts Part 2 – Kinetic Synchronization

  1. You’re hilarious. I’m not avoiding you…I’ve been sleeping in! I’ll be there tonight, though.

    I hope that you’re doing really well!


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