The Importance of Technique

Anyone who has worked with me in a small group situation or 1-on-1 knows that I am a tad anal when it comes to technique.  Some might say I am a “technique nazi”. I hold this title near and dear to me.  Too many times I see trainers letting people get away with well below average technique.  While they may not get injured immediately, eventually things will wear down, tear, or limit your mobility.  Most injuries are the culmination of repetitively doing things incorrectly over time.  Many knee pain issues can be resolved with correct body mechanics.  I have had many injuries and mobility restrictions I’ve had to work through from my life spent hunched over in speedskater position.  This has taught me to take proper technique very seriously in all that I do.  To me, there’s no point in doing something unless you’re doing it right.

I’d rather see someone do 1 correct push-up than sit there and do 20 with poor body positioning (lower back is sagging, butt is too high, body is twisted to compensate for weakness, etc).  Take pride in yourself and your work.  Do it right.  Make it count.  Hold yourself to a higher standard.  If you don’t know what “right” is, come see me:)  I’m happy to explain.

Happy Hump Day!

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